Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning Services

FCS Janitorial services offers post construction cleaning services in DMV . Construction of remodeling of a commercial building can leave a lot of dust and debris that needs to be cleaned up. We provide a thorough and detailed clean that is necessary after a construction job is complete. Post construction debris can be hard to remove and can be harmful to the building occupants. This cleaning process requires specialized cleaning equipment, products, and the properly trained staff to effectively remove airborne dust particles and the leftover residue than can stick to your furniture, walls, and flooring.

FCS Janitorial Services  we don’t cut corners. We clean them. We are a local cleaning company in DMV areas, and we care about our community. Our team specializes in a variety of different cleaning services including post construction clean-up. Construction projects often create a mess due to the large amounts of debris and dust.

This can create a challenge for the building owner or contractors at the end of the project. Luckily, FCS Janitorial services  has the know-how and tools to get the job done for you. We can handle post construction cleaning for a wide variety of facilities including offices, schools, and apartment buildings. Count on us to help clean the site allowing you to resume normal daily activities.

We always use up-to-date cutting edge cleaning technology and our team of professionals will have your floors looking brand new. Our team of professional cleaners can cater to each client individually and will work with your schedule because we know every property has different needs. We are always open to custom services, just let us know!

FCS Janitorial Services is available for your construction project clean-up. We can help with two phases of the clean-up process including the Final Cleaning. During the Final Cleaning stage, F C S will ensure that the space is move-in ready post construction. We provide that necessary thorough and detailed cleaning after a construction job is complete that makes your work look fantastic. Post construction debris can be hard to remove and even harmful to building occupants. This cleaning process requires specialized cleaning equipment, products, and the properly trained staff to effectively remove airborne dust particles and the leftover residue that can stick to your furniture, walls, and flooring.

Post Construction Health & Safety

Post construction cleanup is necessary for the health and safety of the people who use the building. If no cleaning services are used the dust from post construction can become airborne and have many negative effects to a person’s health. to remove, dirt, dust and debris that construction companies leave behind.

Expert in Post Construction Cleaning

F C S Janitorial Services has been operating in around DMV area since 2003. We offer nightly cleaning services, so you won’t have to worry about us getting in the way of your day to day work. F C S will take care of all your post construction cleaning needs with our highly trained staff who specialize in commercial cleaning. Post Construction Cleaning is more than removing leftover drywall and sweeping up some saw dust. You put a lot of time, effort and care into your building project, so why not allow the same for cleaning once construction is complete?

F C S we pay extra special attention to the smallest details ensuring both precision and safety for your construction or renovation cleanup. Our team will take the time to make sure your post construction cleaning job is done right.

Benefits Of Hiring A Post Construction Cleaning Company


Just like the building process, the process of cleaning up after a construction job requires a high degree of professionalism. Your crew has worked long and hard to complete your project, but for a post construction cleaning company, the job is just starting. This means, they will not be rushing to get the job over with. They will approach the job with fresh eyes and leave your building in sparkling condition.

Professional Cleaning Supplies

Professional grade cleaning requires professional grade cleaning supplies. These are high-quality products that will leave your building looking immaculate from top to bottom. A professional cleaning company is also aware of what products to use for different surfaces, ensuring there is not damage left.

Save Time

Your time is money. The time it takes you to clean your project the right way cannot be compared to that of a company with years’ of experience. Not only that, but a cleaning company would provide the appropriate tools and chemicals, meaning you wouldn’t have to spend the time shopping for them.

Cleaning Standards

Understanding the details and specific requirements of a post construction clean up is just as much a part of our job as the clean up itself. We’ll make it look pretty and do it the right way.


There are many different materials that are used during the process of construction. Some of these materials become airborne and have the potential to create a respiratory hazard to those that are exposed to it. Proper cleaning and removal of such hazards is part of our process.

F C S offers a free estimate for all of the post construction cleaning services we provide.Give us a call at 703 499 1342 or 703 864 6970 and speak to one of our representatives or click the link below for a quote.